223. Akawi Cheese Sambousak

Akawi cheese is native to Palestine, and of a very salty nature. It is hard and crumbly, and soaking it in several changes of water removes excess salt. It melts similar to mozzarella, a soft and stringy consistency.
Paired simply with Nigella seeds (or aka black seeds), the result is succulent and beneficial at once. Continue reading “223. Akawi Cheese Sambousak”

222. Pignoles


These little cuties were originally one large pinenut tart, which I’ve decided to make into a mini popover pan, because I remember enjoying them with a foaming mug of chocolat chaud in a café in Europe.
They have this bistro quality and vintage aura about them, and this recipe is the best one I have found that resembles those in my memory. Continue reading “222. Pignoles”

219. Chicken Liver Pilaf

This chicken liver pilaf (rice) is a recipe from the cookbook I got on my trip to Istanbul.
It can be made with chicken livers, or cut up sheep’s liver with the membrane removed.
I used it as a bed to a simple roasted chicken I made, and tend to find the presentation far more alluring than serving them each in a separate dish. Continue reading “219. Chicken Liver Pilaf”

218. Kibbe Bil-Siniyeh

Blessed Eid Adha To All, With Many Happy Returns

Kubba come in many shapes and forms. The literal translation for kibbe bil siniyeh (كبة بالصينية) is kubba in a tray. The “crust” is formed of a mixture of minced meat, onion, and burghul. Burghul is a form of tiny cracked wheat commonly sold in Arab and Turkish stores. Continue reading “218. Kibbe Bil-Siniyeh”

214. Oatmeal M&M’s Cookies

Sometimes I feel like I post recipes in reverse.
For instance, I have this great recipe for oatmeal cookies that I haven’t posted yet.
And here I am posting another different recipe for oatmeal M&M’s cookies, which I ought to post after the original recipe.
But all in good time. I made it, I liked it, I shared it. Continue reading “214. Oatmeal M&M’s Cookies”