253. Mushroom Risotto

Flipping through my (very) old Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef  cookbook, I was inspired to make the mushroom risotto. The wonderful thing about Jamie Oliver’s recipes is that he gives you so many options to vary the same recipe.
In this mushroom risotto recipe, you may use any kind of mushroom you come across or have on hand.
But that’s not all: you can even use dried mushroom (which you re-hydrate)!
Isn’t that wonderful? Continue reading “253. Mushroom Risotto”

249. Sea Salt-Crusted Whole Fish


This is a strange but amazingly delicious method to cook a whole fish, and does not taste overly salty at all.
It is very easy to make, and fun and sociable to eat.
The meat just magically separates itself from the bones, and almost presents itself as a fillet because it’s so easy to separate. Continue reading “249. Sea Salt-Crusted Whole Fish”

248. Baked Breaded Mushrooms

Don’t all breaded and fried foods taste delicious??
In an attempt to slightly healthify (?) breaded mushrooms, I opted for baking them instead.
So this isn’t really a recipe. It’s more of a technique which you may apply to alot of different food: mushroom, aubergines, chicken, fish… you name it. Continue reading “248. Baked Breaded Mushrooms”

246. Tabboula


Tabboula (aka tabouleh, tabouli) deserves its very own fan club. It is so popular, so delicious, so unique!
Tabboula is a Levantine Arab salad consisting of bulghul (cracked wheat), tomato, green onion, and parsley. The main ingredient is the parsley.
I have come across some salads labeled tabboula which are almost entirely made of couscous, with just a garnish of parsley.
That’s not tabboula, that’s a joke. Avoid them. This is the real deal. Continue reading “246. Tabboula”