541. Snickers Chocolate Bomb Dessert

I opted to have the word bomb in the name of this dessert, because it is a calorific bomb, albeit a convenient and delicious one.I would recommend keeping this dessert as the occasional treat, and make sure you have a crowd to serve it to, as to avoid overindulgence and ending up in a sugar coma.
Everything used in this dessert is packaged.
Since brand names and packaging quantities differ across the globe, I have included the precise gram measurements. Snickers is a peanut based chocolate candy bar. Galaxy is a plain milk chocolate bar. Note that evaporated milk is used, and not sweetened condensed milk. Tea biscuits are plain sweet brittle cookies. And thickened cream is something along the lines of clotted cream and triple cream.
This recipe was given to me by a friend and sister.


3x54g snickers bars
5x43g plain galaxy bars
2x160g thick cream cans
1x160ml evaporated milk can
75g plain tea biscuits


In a small pot, put the sliced galaxy, snickers, and thickened cream over medium heat.
Keep stirring until molten liquid.
Pout half of the chocolate mixture in your serving dish.
Soak the tea biscuits in the evaporated milk (you will have milk left over), and crumble coarsely over the chocolate base.
Pour the remaining chocolate half over the biscuit.
Decorate with extra snickers slices (optional).
Chill overnight before serving.


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