647. Haloomi Cheese Bourag Rolls


Haloomi is a very versatile cheese, and distinctive in both taste and texture.It is a non-melting cheese, which makes it ideal for grilling or  frying, as it doesn’t make a mess.
Keep in mind haloomi cheese is salty, so we would need to adjust a recipe accordingly.
These Haloomi bourags (بورك جبن الحلومي) are essentially three ingredients: cheese, parsley, and the springroll pastry. Egg is used to seal the pastry, and oil to fry.
It is as simple as it is delicious.


2 blocks Haloomi cheese (220g each)
1/2 cup roughly chopped parsley
12 large spring roll sheets
1 egg, for brushing
oil, for frying


Cut the stacked spring roll sheets in half, yielding 24 rectangular sheets.
Drain the haloomi cheese from any liquid and blitz in the food processor until roughly-medium chopped.
Stir the chopped haloomi with the chopped parsley; set aside.
Lightly beat the egg and brush on three sides (two long and one short) of one spring roll rectangle.
Spread a heaping tablespoon of the haloomi mix in the middle egg-less lane of the rectangle.
Starting from the short egg-less side, tightly roll the pastry, enclosing the cheese.
Repeat for the remaining cheese and pastry.
Fry in deep hot oil until golden and crispy.
Drain from excess oil on paper towels before serving.


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