701. Chocolate Caramel Coffee Latte

Chocolate and coffee is mocha. What is chocolate, coffee, and caramel??
This hot triple-C drink feels almost like a hack!Steaming milk melts and melds a symphony of chopped mars bar, nescafe coffee, and (optionally) caramel powder into a latte/hot chocolate. If you opt out of the caramel powder, the mars bar still has caramel, so you’re still in the CCC club.
Feel free to adjust any and all the quantities to taste.

Ingredients: serves 2

1 (51g) mars bar
2 tsp nescafe
2 tsp caramel powder
1 3/4 cups milk


Heat the milk until just before boiling.
Meanwhile, in two cups, put in each cup half a chopped mars bar, a teaspoon of nescafe coffee, and a teaspoon of caramel powder.
Pour the milk equally in the two cups and stir until completely dissolved.


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