916. Freeze-Dried Raspberry Chocolate

1My brother in law, who I love and respect more than words can say, bought me chocolate molds. I unfortunately have not used them often enough, and have posted only Rahash Chocolates on MCW using them. If you however do not have my luck in a brother in law, you do not need a mold for this recipe. Continue reading “916. Freeze-Dried Raspberry Chocolate”

914. Chevre-Caper Scrambled Eggs


Sometimes a mid-week treat is warranted. This breakfast is rich in protein and has robust flavors coming from the goat’s cheese (chevre) and pickled capers.The softly cooked eggs (medium to medium-low heat is key), merged with melted silky flavorsome goat’s cheese, topped with the perfect complimentary salty capers with a tinge of acidity are the ideal morning treat that is both delicious and good for you. Continue reading “914. Chevre-Caper Scrambled Eggs”

913. Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates


This recipe aches my heart in nostalgia, wonderful family memories, and of a blessed and simpler time. I don’t even think this dish has a name; it’s just a breakfast staple in every Iraqi household considered too simple and common to be noted. It is in fact a broken down version of madgooga; packed with nutrients, energy, and wholesome goodness, it’s a good idea to re-adopt these delicious dates every morning. Continue reading “913. Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates”