943. Eid Kaak


Today I am sharing a very traditional family recipe very well guarded and very generously given to me by a dear friend and sister. Every Eid, family friends and neighbors get together to make Um Abdalrahman’s kaak al eid (كعك العيد). I have cut down the original recipe by 90% for this post. The original recipe had 90 eggs and 40 kilos of butter, all kneaded together by loving hands just to give you an idea. I must stress that this kaak was made and designed to be dunked in a steaming isteakan of fragrant karak tea and eaten immediately.

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942. Mint Rub Seared Lamb Chops


Some people are self-declared meat lovers. I do not count myself amongst them, because while I do enjoy a succulent lamb roast, or fall-off-the-bone shank in a stew, or a char-grilled kofta patty, I also very much enjoy a well-cooked chicken or fish fillet, and many a vegetarian dish. In other words, I rarely crave red meat. These mint rubbed seared lamb chops changed that. Continue reading “942. Mint Rub Seared Lamb Chops”

941. Croissant Um Ali


Of all the Um Ali’s I have tried, this croissant version is the best one I have ever come across, hailing from my beloved sister and friend. Um Ali is the Arabian version of a sweet bread pudding. The flavorings are up to you whether saffron, rosewater, orange blossom, mastica, or what have you. But one great must have is nuts. Continue reading “941. Croissant Um Ali”

940. Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Vietnamese spring rolls differ from its more common Chinese counterpart in more than one way. While they too can be fried before consumption, the more popular way is to consume them raw. This is made possible due to the rice paper, which when soaked in hot water, is rendered cooked, soft, and edible. Stuffed with bright raw or cooked vegetables, it makes for a great light Summer food. Continue reading “940. Vietnamese Spring Rolls”

939. Eclair Cake


Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world.

I would like to start off this holy month in prayer for our brave families in Islam being tested every day by the majoos and rafida and kafara, especially Brave Fallouja who have been ceaselessly attacked and fight back with conviction for the last thirteen years.


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