991. Pumpkin Kubba (Vegan)

1Compared to my other kubbas, this vegan pumpkin kubba is somewhat exotic and uncommon to me. It hails from the bleeding and burning Aleppo, aka Halab, where sheer genocide and a full blown holocaust is being committed this very moment and has been going on for years now while the world watches power hungry rabid dogs tear people apart (literally!) down to the newborn.  Continue reading “991. Pumpkin Kubba (Vegan)”

990. Iraqi Kubba Mosel


From a very young age I had an affinity to kubba. If it was on the table for lunch, I would eat myself sick of them. By far, the Iraqi kubba halab is and always has been my favorite. The dill kubba is a close second, and this Iraqi kubba Mosel (كبة موصل), the thirteenth type of kubba on MCW, is also way up there.

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989. Banana Pudding


Banana pudding is one of those things one loves as a child, then grows out of, then loves again. Like quite a few of my recipes on MCW, this is a dish loved by adults and kids alike. A custard (optionally homemade) is rendered lighter by folding in some whipped cream. This is then layered between vanilla cupcake quarters and sliced banana. Continue reading “989. Banana Pudding”

986. Crusty Pumpkin Rice


In our second round of the MENA Cooking Club Challenge, we arrive to the B in Bahrain. The name of this small Arabian Gulf country literally translates into two seas, which is fitting and a huge clue to the local food. Bahrain is in fact barely a teenage in historical age, and used to be part of the larger Ahsa region before the division by British conquests.

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984. Mushroom Cream Toast, Revisited


When you have a recipe archive of almost a thousand recipes, goodies are bound to get overshadowed with the passing of time. Some especially good recipes are worth a double-take, or a revisit of sorts. For this blessed Day of Arafa, I decided to revisit my mother’s mushroom cream toast, originally published almost four years ago, as it makes for an especially good Eid breakfast tomorrow. Continue reading “984. Mushroom Cream Toast, Revisited”

983. Almond Butter


Of all the expansive horizon of nut butter possibilities, commercial peanut butter is by far the most common and known. Due to its being so readily available, one forgets how simple it is to make your own. A nut butter should consist of only one ingredient: the nut itself. Adding salt to enhance the flavor, and maybe a tablespoon of oil to get it going makes a total of three ingredients. The typical jar in grocery stores has a minimum of seven ingredients, including chemical stabilizers and the like. Continue reading “983. Almond Butter”