Time and Again, Part 1

Having over a thousand recipes archived on MCW, I thought it was high time I share a list of recipes I find myself making time and again. These recipes are reflective of my personal favorites, as well as family and friends’ favorites, ranging from the basic breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to afternoon teas, snacks, and beyond. Unable to restrict myself to a single post, I will be posting a series of these favorites in a series of posts containing 20 to 25 recipes each. Here is part 1:


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1002: Knafa Cones


There is a huge market for modern takes on traditional classics. Take the Rangina for example: it is the most basic ancient Bedouin dessert made from ghee-fried flour with dates stirred in. It now comes in all shapes and forms, from a prickled ananas shape, to single-serve in Arabic coffee cups complete with a dried rose bud. Same goes for the knafa: it still comes in the traditional thin and wide disk, but caterers and sweet shops are playing around with the presentation to appeal to their customer base.

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1000. Iraqi Mina Sima, aka Iraqi Torrone


For my one thousandth post (masha Allah!), I decided to post about an Iraqi delicacy that is a delicacy even to the Iraqis. Still with me? It is a sweet called mina sima, (من السما) which literally translates into from the sky. Historically, this is a sweet referring to one of the heavenly foods Allah sent to Beni Israel after they escaped pharoh by the miracle of Allah. Today, the real mina sima is made using the gum from a specifi tree found in the north of Iraq. Continue reading “1000. Iraqi Mina Sima, aka Iraqi Torrone”

998. Comoros Islands Coffee-Rub Ribs and Mango-Coconut Rice


In this round of the MENA Cooking Club challenge, we have a country we did not have last time: the Comoros Islands. I really did not know anything about this country except that we use it in an Arabic expression to denote a sarcastic notion of distance, such as: Why didn’t you get me? It’s not like I was in the Juzr al Qamar! It was only until this challenge did I realize the Comoros Islands are real. They are located off the east coast of Africa, and are a vibrant nation full of color and merging cultures. Continue reading “998. Comoros Islands Coffee-Rub Ribs and Mango-Coconut Rice”