1041. Apple Tart, Revisited

One of my favorite and most underrated desserts is my apple tarts. I published the recipe years ago on MCW, but the photography was not great, and there it lay almost completely forgotten beside all the glorious pictures of apple pie brides that populate the internet every season. This time, I did a couple of enhancements. Continue reading “1041. Apple Tart, Revisited”

1039. Classic Cheesecake

I got this cheesecake recipe over twenty years ago from the cook we had at the time. This was my mother’s treat, to which she would help herself to a thin sliver of a slice to, because of how rich and decadent it is. I have had the recipe all this time, but I haven’t made it for over eighteen years now. It is without exaggeration the single best cheesecake I have ever eaten. Continue reading “1039. Classic Cheesecake”

1036. Egyptian Macarona (Pasta Bake)

One of the side effects of knitting a tighter, more connected world is the obvious merge of cultures. This Egyptian pasta bake, known simply as macarona, is a staple comfort food in many an Arab home, and an excellent choice for this month’s MENA Cooking Club challenge.. The recipe, while relatively simple (no spice beyond salt and pepper, no cheese *gasp*, and no herbs), actually delivered much more flavor than anticipated. Continue reading “1036. Egyptian Macarona (Pasta Bake)”

1035. Lemon Trifle

I have been putting my beautiful trifle bowl, a tasteful and generous gift from my dear brother in law, to very good use. The pomegranate Eton dessert, cappuccino trifle, and banana pudding all presented gorgeously. Other than that, tiramisus, and chocolate mousses would also be great show offs in it. So this lemon trifle got me excited at the opportunity to use this bowl again. Continue reading “1035. Lemon Trifle”

Al Khor Park, Part II

Welcome back to part 2. Al Khor Park aims to have 172 animals and birds of 22 species entertain visitors in the park. The weather last December was far from cooperative, although significantly better hovering at early to mid 20’s. Most of the animals remained in their sheds, far from prying eyes, but a few did come out to wink and say hello. Continue reading “Al Khor Park, Part II”