1056. Honeycomb Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark has been around since I can remember, but its popularity has soared recently. To make your own, you should know that it is fully customizable to what you have in the pantry. Generally you only need 5 or 6 ingredients, and this combination stood out to me due to its variety in colors and flavors. Continue reading “1056. Honeycomb Chocolate Bark”

1055. Kishk Soup

Kishk is very similar to kubba lebaniya, but the fact that it is made from fermented and dried yogurt changes everything. Some might call lebaniya pungent due to the intensity of garlic and mint that goes into the dish. Kishk is way more pungent, gutsy, and intense, due to both the buckets of garlic, and the fermentation of the yogurt (further intensified through drying). So an acquired taste, it is, but anyone who has studied the fundamentals of nutrition can tell you kishk is the super food.

Continue reading “1055. Kishk Soup”

1054. Sweet Chilli Shrimp

Barring salt, pepper, and a smidge of butter, the only ingredients in this wonderfully tasty and uber fast dish are shrimp and sweet chili sauce. To further enhance the convenience factor of this recipe, frozen shrimp can be used. Served with a side of noodles or rice, maybe even some sauteed vegetable thrown in, this is the definition of wholesome fast food. Continue reading “1054. Sweet Chilli Shrimp”

1051. Iraqi Aubergine Rolls

While I do enjoy participating in all the MENA Cooking Club challenges and appreciate any cuisine of the various countries that make us One Umma, I am bias when it comes to the Iraq challenge. I love this country so much and actually feel physical pain to what it has been reduced to. But there is no despair for those who believe, and as sure as the sun blazes in the sky, Islam will conquer and its enemies will cower. Continue reading “1051. Iraqi Aubergine Rolls”

1050. Orange Fruit Cake

Meet the fuitcake who you will actually like: Orange Fruitcake. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I tend to buy somewhat more dried fruit than I will actually use. So I end up with small quantities of various perfectly edible dried fruit. This recipe is the perfect delicious way you can use up those little nuggets. What really makes the cake special is the orange-infused batter enveloping this colorful gems. The cake is much more fruit than cake, allowing it to have a long shelf life when stored properly. Continue reading “1050. Orange Fruit Cake”

1049. Iraqi Spinach Fatayer

My mother, Allah rest her soul, used to make the most amazing spinach fatayer. What excelled them was the sour factor, combined with a perfect pillowy pastry. As is traditional, the parcels would be triangular in shape. After several trials, I think I have finally found the recipe closest to my memory of hers.   Continue reading “1049. Iraqi Spinach Fatayer”