1111. Sundae Bar

Setting up a sundae bar for dessert is a very fun and easy way to end a meal, requires no cooking, and is interactive where everyone builds their own sundae. All you need is a good tub of ice cream and arrange all the various fixings and toppings. The flavor of the ice cream, the variety and quantity of the fixings are completely adjustable to your and your guests tastes. The “recipe” below is just a suggested outline.


1 large tub vanilla ice cream

chocolate fudge sauce

caramel sauce

raspberry jam

fresh sliced bananas

fresh berries

whipped cream


wafer biscuits/cigars


Remove the ice cream from the freezer to the refrigerator 20 minutes before serving to soften just enough to scoop.

Arrange the fixings in individual bowls on a large tray; prepare the sundae glasses and spoons and an ice cream scooper.

Serve so that each person assembles their own sundae.

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