1132. Superfood Breakfast Bars

The previous “regular” muesli bars version here easily replace packaged granola bars in my opinion. Totally customizable, and just as moreish, they are definitely one of my favorites. This version is Nigella’s “healthified” breakfast bars, which are chockful of all things good for your body. Healthy does not necessarily mean food good for losing weight, and eating too much from these will not aid your weight loss journey, but they do promise to be a healthy breakfast or snack. Continue reading “1132. Superfood Breakfast Bars”

1063. Nice Cream Breakfast Bowl

Previously on MCW we’ve had a super food smoothie bowl, and an instant fruity vegan ice cream fit for breakfast. This breakfast bowl is a little bit of both. The reason why I say breakfast is because this much goodness is best eaten on an empty stomach for maximal absorption. It is however just a tasty as a snack or even for dessert. Continue reading “1063. Nice Cream Breakfast Bowl”

1045. Instant Bread Pudding

My connotation with bread pudding strangely comes from Jane Eyre. I say strangely, because long before I read and loved the book, bread pudding was a childhood treat to us. Stale bread would be broken up in a mug while the milk heats in a saucepan. Once steaming and near-boiling, the milk would be poured over the stale bread, and sweetened with a couple of teaspoons of sugar.It was the best treat ever to the innocence of a child. Continue reading “1045. Instant Bread Pudding”

984. Mushroom Cream Toast, Revisited


When you have a recipe archive of almost a thousand recipes, goodies are bound to get overshadowed with the passing of time. Some especially good recipes are worth a double-take, or a revisit of sorts. For this blessed Day of Arafa, I decided to revisit my mother’s mushroom cream toast, originally published almost four years ago, as it makes for an especially good Eid breakfast tomorrow. Continue reading “984. Mushroom Cream Toast, Revisited”

981. Iraqi Freezer Basturma


In my childhood, an Iraqi basturma and egg breakfast was the ultimate treat for the weekend. We used to get the local store-bought basturma rods, heavily spiced, loaded with garlic, stuffed in cleaned intestines, and air-dried for weeks before deemed fit for consumers. Fried in a pan before cracking a few eggs over it to cook in its own fat, this is not your typical omelette or fritata. Continue reading “981. Iraqi Freezer Basturma”

929. Apple Peanut Butter Granola Snacks


This is a very popular snack that can also be a breakfast coming from the North Americas and trickling to the rest of the world: fresh apple slices are used like a toast of bread, spread generously with a nut butter (peanut butter is typical, but any nut or seed butter would do), and sprinkled with granola.
Continue reading “929. Apple Peanut Butter Granola Snacks”

913. Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates


This recipe aches my heart in nostalgia, wonderful family memories, and of a blessed and simpler time. I don’t even think this dish has a name; it’s just a breakfast staple in every Iraqi household considered too simple and common to be noted. It is in fact a broken down version of madgooga; packed with nutrients, energy, and wholesome goodness, it’s a good idea to re-adopt these delicious dates every morning. Continue reading “913. Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates”

905. Iraqi Nut Lebna Log


Of late, this herby, nutty lebna log has been my go-to breakfast. Requiring no cooking, and minimal prep time, it is a major health kick for the body to boot. The basic strained yogurt recipe we used to also make lebna balls is rolled into a log, smothered in some roasted nuts and zaatar, then flanked by a side of briny olives and fresh parsley. Continue reading “905. Iraqi Nut Lebna Log”

891. Pumpkin Seed Granola


I love my trusty granola recipe and have made it countless times. This is the simplified and stripped-down version which also lends itself to endless varieties. The star of the show are the pumpkin seeds, but there are also flax seeds in there and feel free to add/substitute for sesame and sunflower seeds as well. Continue reading “891. Pumpkin Seed Granola”