1081. Cocoa Bundt Cake

Chocolate cake is such an ambiguous term. It’s almost subjective to interpretation. Some expect a dense creamy cake, others light and fluffy. Some go flourless, others bread-like. Some say a chocolate cake isn’t so if there’s no chocolate in it. So I decided to call this chocolate cake Cocoa Cake as a clear indicator to what makes it chocolate. But do not be deceived. Continue reading “1081. Cocoa Bundt Cake”

1077. Pistachio Cupcake with Raspberry Frosting

The cupcake craze of the nineties is long over and replaced with macarons, naked cakes, and the like. However, once in a while, it is perfectly harmless to enjoy a dainty colorful cupcake with good friends over a good pot of mint tea. These gorgeous cupcakes are completely natural, where the vivid frosting color comes from freeze dried raspberries. The cupcake itself is pistachio. Continue reading “1077. Pistachio Cupcake with Raspberry Frosting”

1073. Lemon Curd Cake

Tangy zingy lemon desserts have their own niche of followers. It’s the kind of thing that once you liked it, there’s no going back. It just might replace chocolate *gasp* as a favorite dessert. Now this cake is a triple zing threat. The cake itself is zingy with lime zest, the layers are sandwiched with lemon curd, and the whole lot is crowned with a thick lemon icing. Continue reading “1073. Lemon Curd Cake”

1050. Orange Fruit Cake

Meet the fuitcake who you will actually like: Orange Fruitcake. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I tend to buy somewhat more dried fruit than I will actually use. So I end up with small quantities of various perfectly edible dried fruit. This recipe is the perfect delicious way you can use up those little nuggets. What really makes the cake special is the orange-infused batter enveloping this colorful gems. The cake is much more fruit than cake, allowing it to have a long shelf life when stored properly. Continue reading “1050. Orange Fruit Cake”