1121. Chicken Fritters

“It smells like Mc Donald’s, and that’s a good thing.” That was the first thing I was told as I was making these fritters. I think it may be the seared cheese seeping from the chicken patties into the hot pan and grilling up its magic. I had to try this recipe to believe how tender and juicy the chicken breast turns out in the cooked fritter. Continue reading “1121. Chicken Fritters”

1117. Grilled Chicken over Minted Quinoa

A well-rounded, healthy, and satisfying meal is a bare 30 minutes away from your reality. Grilled chicken breast is far from my favorite, usually being stringy, dry, and tough, but this defies all past experiences in its tang, tenderness, and taste. The quinoa, although a purportedly ancient South American grain, is basking in popularity lately, and for good reason, as it has a very high protein factor and doesn’t weigh you down like rice would. Continue reading “1117. Grilled Chicken over Minted Quinoa”

1110. Qatari Chicken Machboos

We’ve seen how fragrant and delicious Qatari desserts can be (remember sago and ageeli?), now it’s time to try their equally fragrant, perfumey, and delicious chicken. The medley of spices almost seems random, until you give it a taste and see for yourself the magnificent outcome. Onion and garlic do form the base, but the heaps of dry lemon, saffron, ginger, turmeric, and others make the chicken sing. Continue reading “1110. Qatari Chicken Machboos”

1020. Roast Chicken on a Bed of Roast Potato


A good roasted chicken meal is timeless and never gets old. Low maintenance, and high rewards, it is the ultimate cozy get-together. Any left overs would also make the most delicious sandwiches, and feral cats simply gobble up the carcass, bone and all. Everybody wins. So when you serve this golden roasted chicken on a bed of crispy yet fluffy bed of potatoes, you know you’ve upped your game.

Continue reading “1020. Roast Chicken on a Bed of Roast Potato”

970. Chicken Mandi


Mandi is a Yemeni style of cooking chicken or meat over rice. A special underground oven commonly used and widely available in the region is used. Basically, the chicken or meat is spiced and cooked over a pot of rice and water. As the chicken or meat cooks, it drips its juices and flavor onto the simultaneously cooking pot of rice. Continue reading “970. Chicken Mandi”

959. Chicken Toast Rolls


This is an innovative recipe hailing from Manal Alem’s Ramadan 1437 series. It is a wholesome dish, using modern conveniences to create a simple yet comforting main dish. Sliced sandwich bread is rolled out thinly before being stuffed with a creamy chicken filling and rolled up. The decadent cream sauce makes for a golden cheesy crust and is the crowning jewel. Continue reading “959. Chicken Toast Rolls”