1075. Banana Oat Cookies (2 Ingredients!)

The end. No, really. Mash banana, stir in some oats, and bake. There you have a perfectly legitimate, diet-friendly chewy cookie good for breakfast or snacks on the go. And what’s even better is the option to keep it plain, or go crazy with add-ins such as chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit (raisins?), or nuts.   Continue reading “1075. Banana Oat Cookies (2 Ingredients!)”

1027. Ginger Cookies

One of the reasons cookies are so universally loved is because of the sheer variety that there’s bound to be a cookie for every one. There’s crumbly, chewey, gooey, soft, classic, modern, fruity, chocolate, spicy, and I could just keep going. These ginger cookies were described as pillow cookies, and the description is truly fitting. Continue reading “1027. Ginger Cookies”

1007. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


The ingredient list is actually short were it not for the spices. Sugars, butter, flour and an egg with a healthy dose of pure pumpkin puree are mixed with the perfect Autumnal spices and flavorings. After a brief refrigeration stint, the cookies are baked into a soft chewy bites. Continue reading “1007. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies”

943. Eid Kaak


Today I am sharing a very traditional family recipe very well guarded and very generously given to me by a dear friend and sister. Every Eid, family friends and neighbors get together to make Um Abdalrahman’s kaak al eid (كعك العيد). I have cut down the original recipe by 90% for this post. The original recipe had 90 eggs and 40 kilos of butter, all kneaded together by loving hands just to give you an idea. I must stress that this kaak was made and designed to be dunked in a steaming isteakan of fragrant karak tea and eaten immediately.

Continue reading “943. Eid Kaak”