1145. Date Bran Muffins

Bran muffins are one of my favorite excuses of felling better about having cake for breakfast. There are already one or two bran muffin variations on MCW, and this is a well deserved addition to the collection. As a self-admitted affectionado of the date fruit, I was particularly happy about adding that distinct sweetness and mega nutritional value to the already nutritious muffin.  Continue reading “1145. Date Bran Muffins”

1118. Iraqi Honeyed Dates

Being blessed with abundant date fruit, us Arabs cannot have enough different ways to get creative in their consumption. These Iraqi honeyed dates (التمر المعسل)are actually an ancient technique driven from a necessity to preserve dates while keeping them moist and chewey, as dried dates can sometimes get a bit tough. Continue reading “1118. Iraqi Honeyed Dates”

1104. Date Rahash Tart

Eid al Fitr 1438 mubarak to all my Muslim family everywhere, especially the blessed muhajireen and mujahideen. May Allah bless our Umma and unite us under His name.

This date rahash dates is a masterpiece. It combines the two favorite Arabian flavors of dates and sesame halva in a tart, held together by the softest and kindest pie crust you can come across. Add some crunch in the form of pecans and almonds, and you’ve got a tart fit for Eid. Continue reading “1104. Date Rahash Tart”

1017. Date Dessert Timbales


Timbales was a favorite form of food presentation in the seventies and eighties, and continues to be for catering companies and hotel buffets. It is basically a food, savory or sweet, individually portioned into a mold similar to an espresso cup and then unmolded before serving. These dessert date timbales are a modern take on that vintage concept. Continue reading “1017. Date Dessert Timbales”

974. Iraqi Date Pickles aka Najafi Pickles


Date pickles, you say? Google date pickles and the vast majority of your findings will be an Indian condiment with an ingredient list of at least ten different spices. However, there is an Iraqi date pickle very famous and loved to its connaisseurs, but so sadly unknown to the world. Continue reading “974. Iraqi Date Pickles aka Najafi Pickles”

913. Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates


This recipe aches my heart in nostalgia, wonderful family memories, and of a blessed and simpler time. I don’t even think this dish has a name; it’s just a breakfast staple in every Iraqi household considered too simple and common to be noted. It is in fact a broken down version of madgooga; packed with nutrients, energy, and wholesome goodness, it’s a good idea to re-adopt these delicious dates every morning. Continue reading “913. Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates”

858. Qatari Rangina Cups


This month’s MENA Cooking Club feature is Qatar, which couldn’t have come at a better time because ’tis the season of fresh dates! Fresh dates mean Rangina making, pronto. The MENA Cooking Club explores the differences and similarities of the Middle East and North African countries through local cuisine. Previous entries include Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Oman, and Occupied Palestine. Continue reading “858. Qatari Rangina Cups”

802. Pistachio-Stuffed Dates


Stuffed dates are a big thing in most Arab and Muslim households (walnut, halva, and now pistachio).
Contrary to popular belief, Muslims do not only fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Sure, that time is the only compulsory fasting duty, but fasting is an act that constantly reminds us of the temporary nature of this life and draws us closer to our Lord and remembrance of the hereafter. Continue reading “802. Pistachio-Stuffed Dates”