1109. Mini Fustuqia

For such a simple dessert, the result was fantastic both in presentation and flavor. I would almost consider it a cheat’s fustuqia, because compared to my (also amazing) pistachio mafrooka of five years ago (!), the pistachio crust consists of three ingredients versus the classic eight. The “secret ingredient”? Powdered tea biscuits.   Continue reading “1109. Mini Fustuqia”

1095. Rahash Dessert Balls

Alhamdu lillah to He who has blessed us with another Ramadan, month of good, repentance, forgiveness, the holy Quraan, and jihad. May Allah grant victory in the struggle against our own nafs and against the enemies of Islam, allowing us to emerge with faces of noor, showered with His rida on those who seek it. Ramadan Mubarak. Continue reading “1095. Rahash Dessert Balls”

1091. Raspberry Banana and Lime Charlotte

This is a banana pudding dessert like you’ve never had before. Finely grated zest and juice of lime give an unexpected twist to the sweetness of the banana cream, which is all the more enhanced by the raspberry puree. Truth be told, the banana mousse can be served simply on a slice of vanilla pound cake and drizzled with the raspberry puree within minutes, but this beautiful presentation needs to be made a couple of hours in advance. Continue reading “1091. Raspberry Banana and Lime Charlotte”

1079. Strawberry Brownie Trifle

While this dessert is composed of only three ingredients (one of which is a baked slab of brownies), it is so much more than the sum of its parts. Such a casual get together can easily be featured on any elegant buffet table. Strawberries and cream are a classic. Here, they marry brownies and dance in my favorite trifle bowl, a gift from a beloved brother and friend. Continue reading “1079. Strawberry Brownie Trifle”

1056. Honeycomb Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark has been around since I can remember, but its popularity has soared recently. To make your own, you should know that it is fully customizable to what you have in the pantry. Generally you only need 5 or 6 ingredients, and this combination stood out to me due to its variety in colors and flavors. Continue reading “1056. Honeycomb Chocolate Bark”

1035. Lemon Trifle

I have been putting my beautiful trifle bowl, a tasteful and generous gift from my dear brother in law, to very good use. The pomegranate Eton dessert, cappuccino trifle, and banana pudding all presented gorgeously. Other than that, tiramisus, and chocolate mousses would also be great show offs in it. So this lemon trifle got me excited at the opportunity to use this bowl again. Continue reading “1035. Lemon Trifle”

1017. Date Dessert Timbales


Timbales was a favorite form of food presentation in the seventies and eighties, and continues to be for catering companies and hotel buffets. It is basically a food, savory or sweet, individually portioned into a mold similar to an espresso cup and then unmolded before serving. These dessert date timbales are a modern take on that vintage concept. Continue reading “1017. Date Dessert Timbales”

1002: Knafa Cones


There is a huge market for modern takes on traditional classics. Take the Rangina for example: it is the most basic ancient Bedouin dessert made from ghee-fried flour with dates stirred in. It now comes in all shapes and forms, from a prickled ananas shape, to single-serve in Arabic coffee cups complete with a dried rose bud. Same goes for the knafa: it still comes in the traditional thin and wide disk, but caterers and sweet shops are playing around with the presentation to appeal to their customer base.

Continue reading “1002: Knafa Cones”