1117. Grilled Chicken over Minted Quinoa

A well-rounded, healthy, and satisfying meal is a bare 30 minutes away from your reality. Grilled chicken breast is far from my favorite, usually being stringy, dry, and tough, but this defies all past experiences in its tang, tenderness, and taste. The quinoa, although a purportedly ancient South American grain, is basking in popularity lately, and for good reason, as it has a very high protein factor and doesn’t weigh you down like rice would. Continue reading “1117. Grilled Chicken over Minted Quinoa”

1106. Frozen Yogurt Bark with Berries

While the overly-healthy concept is enough to throw most people off, this dessert must be given a fair chance. I for one, had to google how to eat yogurt bark. Making it was less of a problem than eating it. Sure enough, the gone-in-three-bites serving size is recommended to avoid messy fingers and face.   Continue reading “1106. Frozen Yogurt Bark with Berries”

1100. Home Made Yogurt

I am a strong believer that every one of us is responsible to support local produce and buy seasonal produce. This is not just a lesson in community values, but it is also better for your health (less chemicals and GM go into seasonal fruits) and better for your tastebuds (the reason why tomatoes smell and taste so much better in the Summer). So for this MENA Club entry, I am highlighting Qatari local produce. Continue reading “1100. Home Made Yogurt”

1075. Banana Oat Cookies (2 Ingredients!)

The end. No, really. Mash banana, stir in some oats, and bake. There you have a perfectly legitimate, diet-friendly chewy cookie good for breakfast or snacks on the go. And what’s even better is the option to keep it plain, or go crazy with add-ins such as chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit (raisins?), or nuts.   Continue reading “1075. Banana Oat Cookies (2 Ingredients!)”

1063. Nice Cream Breakfast Bowl

Previously on MCW we’ve had a super food smoothie bowl, and an instant fruity vegan ice cream fit for breakfast. This breakfast bowl is a little bit of both. The reason why I say breakfast is because this much goodness is best eaten on an empty stomach for maximal absorption. It is however just a tasty as a snack or even for dessert. Continue reading “1063. Nice Cream Breakfast Bowl”

980. Hobbit Wafer Bran Bread


I tend to go through phases in regards to my breakfasts. While not everyday is an egg and toast kind of day, we somehow eat what each one wants on weekdays, then gather for a more opulent breakfast on weekends. Examples of weekday breakfasts range from cheese-zaatar toast to green monster smoothie. Weekend breakfasts are likely to included fried tomato and maybe even thareed bagilla. Continue reading “980. Hobbit Wafer Bran Bread”

940. Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Vietnamese spring rolls differ from its more common Chinese counterpart in more than one way. While they too can be fried before consumption, the more popular way is to consume them raw. This is made possible due to the rice paper, which when soaked in hot water, is rendered cooked, soft, and edible. Stuffed with bright raw or cooked vegetables, it makes for a great light Summer food. Continue reading “940. Vietnamese Spring Rolls”

929. Apple Peanut Butter Granola Snacks


This is a very popular snack that can also be a breakfast coming from the North Americas and trickling to the rest of the world: fresh apple slices are used like a toast of bread, spread generously with a nut butter (peanut butter is typical, but any nut or seed butter would do), and sprinkled with granola.
Continue reading “929. Apple Peanut Butter Granola Snacks”