1082. Qatari Cauliflower-Tomato Eggs

Eggs are the international preference for breakfast, and this spicy, multi-dimensional Qatari breakfast eggs feed a small crowd quite comfortably. This protein and fibre-rich breakfast is one of those accidentally healthy types of recipes, where the flavor was kept in mind rather than the good-for-you factor. Continue reading “1082. Qatari Cauliflower-Tomato Eggs”

1064. Microwave Egg Bagel

One minute of prep, one more minute of cooking, and you’ve got a hefty, satisfying, and healthy breakfast to go or stay. The bagel, actually, is completely optional. You could forgo it for a carb-free scrambled omelette breakfast that is much friendlier to the figure. The result is surprisingly fluffy and far from the expected rubbery outcome.

Continue reading “1064. Microwave Egg Bagel”

981. Iraqi Freezer Basturma


In my childhood, an Iraqi basturma and egg breakfast was the ultimate treat for the weekend. We used to get the local store-bought basturma rods, heavily spiced, loaded with garlic, stuffed in cleaned intestines, and air-dried for weeks before deemed fit for consumers. Fried in a pan before cracking a few eggs over it to cook in its own fat, this is not your typical omelette or fritata. Continue reading “981. Iraqi Freezer Basturma”

914. Chevre-Caper Scrambled Eggs


Sometimes a mid-week treat is warranted. This breakfast is rich in protein and has robust flavors coming from the goat’s cheese (chevre) and pickled capers.The softly cooked eggs (medium to medium-low heat is key), merged with melted silky flavorsome goat’s cheese, topped with the perfect complimentary salty capers with a tinge of acidity are the ideal morning treat that is both delicious and good for you. Continue reading “914. Chevre-Caper Scrambled Eggs”

735. Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms


I cannot get over how underrated the simple things in life are.
Here we’ve got the most simple breakfast possible that will have your tummy feel like a king’s.
Pan roasted fresh mushroom are accompanied by slow and low-heat scrambled eggs, all brought together with some toast and perhaps a glass of orange juice. Continue reading “735. Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms”