1150. Iraqi Savory Dill Biscuits

These Iraqi dill biscuits significantly exceeded my expectations. We Iraqis love to dunk things.. cookies in tea, bread in soup, cake in coffee… so this savory biscuit delighted us all. Even when fresh out of the oven, the biscuit gives a hint of its toughness. As they cool, they dry into an almost stale consistency, but this is all the better for the dunking! Continue reading “1150. Iraqi Savory Dill Biscuits”

1118. Iraqi Honeyed Dates

Being blessed with abundant date fruit, us Arabs cannot have enough different ways to get creative in their consumption. These Iraqi honeyed dates (التمر المعسل)are actually an ancient technique driven from a necessity to preserve dates while keeping them moist and chewey, as dried dates can sometimes get a bit tough. Continue reading “1118. Iraqi Honeyed Dates”

1068. Iraqi Berbine (Purslane) Stew

Berbine (purslane), is usually dismissed as a weed since it has a tendency of growing between your pavement bricks just outside. Iraqis have recognized the deliciousness of this weed and made a stew of that is definitely in my top five favorite stews (it’s so hard to pick and choose favorite stews!). We also make a salad from it, but that’s for another day insha Allah. Continue reading “1068. Iraqi Berbine (Purslane) Stew”

1065. Grilled Iraqi Fish

This is my dear brother in law’s recipe. It is very simple, yet it is one of our absolute favorites, because it is just beyond good, and because it comes from him. May Allah reward him with the best. Anything coming from this man, you know is golden. There people who are just like that, albeit a rare trait, and he excels in every field.   Continue reading “1065. Grilled Iraqi Fish”

1059. Iraqi Mushroom Burghul

This recipe is one of the coziest, simplest, comforting, and non-pretentious Iraqi meals out there. While the burghul can be cooked plain and served with the same simple farmer’s salad, I added sauteed fresh mushroom because we love mushroom here on MCW. Using sauteed white desert truffles when they’re in season turns it into a phenomenal dish. It is a vegetarian dish, vegan even, yet is so much more than the sum of its parts. Continue reading “1059. Iraqi Mushroom Burghul”

1051. Iraqi Aubergine Rolls

While I do enjoy participating in all the MENA Cooking Club challenges and appreciate any cuisine of the various countries that make us One Umma, I am bias when it comes to the Iraq challenge. I love this country so much and actually feel physical pain to what it has been reduced to. But there is no despair for those who believe, and as sure as the sun blazes in the sky, Islam will conquer and its enemies will cower. Continue reading “1051. Iraqi Aubergine Rolls”

1049. Iraqi Spinach Fatayer

My mother, Allah rest her soul, used to make the most amazing spinach fatayer. What excelled them was the sour factor, combined with a perfect pillowy pastry. As is traditional, the parcels would be triangular in shape. After several trials, I think I have finally found the recipe closest to my memory of hers.   Continue reading “1049. Iraqi Spinach Fatayer”

1044. Iraqi Red Pumpkin Stew

Although I was hesitant to try this dish because I thought pumpkin would be too sweet to have in a stew, I went ahead anyway because it is documented that pumpkin stew was one of our beloved Prophet’s (peace and blessing be upon him) favorite foods. And that is saying something, as meat was certainly not a daily occurrence and would mostly be reserved for occasions. In summary, I am so glad I gave it a go. That one go led to three other goes in the span of just over a week.   Continue reading “1044. Iraqi Red Pumpkin Stew”

1029. Iraqi Kebab

The Iraqi kebab is different form any other kebab. First off, the Iraqi kebab is made of minced meat, whereas other nations may refer to it as kofta. Then, there is the unique flavor set off by a specific ratio of fat to meat, a simple flavoring of only salt, and some dampened bread to give that special texture to the cooked meat. All this is exponentially enhanced by the flavor lent by the smoke from the barbecue coals. Continue reading “1029. Iraqi Kebab”