1100. Home Made Yogurt

I am a strong believer that every one of us is responsible to support local produce and buy seasonal produce. This is not just a lesson in community values, but it is also better for your health (less chemicals and GM go into seasonal fruits) and better for your tastebuds (the reason why tomatoes smell and taste so much better in the Summer). So for this MENA Club entry, I am highlighting Qatari local produce. Continue reading “1100. Home Made Yogurt”

1051. Iraqi Aubergine Rolls

While I do enjoy participating in all the MENA Cooking Club challenges and appreciate any cuisine of the various countries that make us One Umma, I am bias when it comes to the Iraq challenge. I love this country so much and actually feel physical pain to what it has been reduced to. But there is no despair for those who believe, and as sure as the sun blazes in the sky, Islam will conquer and its enemies will cower. Continue reading “1051. Iraqi Aubergine Rolls”

1036. Egyptian Macarona (Pasta Bake)

One of the side effects of knitting a tighter, more connected world is the obvious merge of cultures. This Egyptian pasta bake, known simply as macarona, is a staple comfort food in many an Arab home, and an excellent choice for this month’s MENA Cooking Club challenge.. The recipe, while relatively simple (no spice beyond salt and pepper, no cheese *gasp*, and no herbs), actually delivered much more flavor than anticipated. Continue reading “1036. Egyptian Macarona (Pasta Bake)”

998. Comoros Islands Coffee-Rub Ribs and Mango-Coconut Rice


In this round of the MENA Cooking Club challenge, we have a country we did not have last time: the Comoros Islands. I really did not know anything about this country except that we use it in an Arabic expression to denote a sarcastic notion of distance, such as: Why didn’t you get me? It’s not like I was in the Juzr al Qamar! It was only until this challenge did I realize the Comoros Islands are real. They are located off the east coast of Africa, and are a vibrant nation full of color and merging cultures. Continue reading “998. Comoros Islands Coffee-Rub Ribs and Mango-Coconut Rice”

986. Crusty Pumpkin Rice


In our second round of the MENA Cooking Club Challenge, we arrive to the B in Bahrain. The name of this small Arabian Gulf country literally translates into two seas, which is fitting and a huge clue to the local food. Bahrain is in fact barely a teenage in historical age, and used to be part of the larger Ahsa region before the division by British conquests.

Continue reading “986. Crusty Pumpkin Rice”

971. Algerian Bread of the Home


My happiness in this post is boundless for three very good reasons. First off, the MENA Cooking Club has been revived. If you are new, this Club brings together anyone interested enough to join us on our journey of discovery of the Middle East and North Africa States through their local food. We start off with A for Algeria today, which brings me to my second reason. Continue reading “971. Algerian Bread of the Home”

890. Syrian Roast Lemon Garlic Chicken


How can one talk about Syrian food without mentioning Syrian people? Such a fertile and blessed land loved by Prophets travelers alike. Such a bountiful people and land where hospitality knows no bounds and fruit tree branches hang low from their blessed load. May Allah take vengeance for Iraq and Syria and every Muslim nation victimized by the enemy. Continue reading “890. Syrian Roast Lemon Garlic Chicken”