Al Khor Park, Part II

Welcome back to part 2. Al Khor Park aims to have 172 animals and birds of 22 species entertain visitors in the park. The weather last December was far from cooperative, although significantly better hovering at early to mid 20’s. Most of the animals remained in their sheds, far from prying eyes, but a few did come out to wink and say hello. Continue reading “Al Khor Park, Part II”

Al Khor Park, Part I

I have been to Al-Khor Park a couple of times, and am still surprised at how under-the-radar it remains. Therefore I decided to blog about this beautiful place to spread the word about the amazing new works and renovations that have gone into the place since it first opened in 1983. It’s really amazing the attention to detail and how family-friendly it has become that a family can easily spend an entire day there as it’s got all the amenities one could need. Continue reading “Al Khor Park, Part I”

Time and Again, Part 2

My first Time and Again was such a success that it left me wondering why my readers do not interact with me more. The numbers prove it was a hit, but the comments come down to a big fat zero. The same great people comment once in a while, and I highly encourage all of you to speak up too. So the Time and Again series was inspired by my having reached over one thousand posts on MCW. While that is a major achievement, it is likely that some gold nuggets slip away unnoticed. These posts are designed to bring back to the spotlight some of our favorites.

Continue reading “Time and Again, Part 2”