1150. Iraqi Savory Dill Biscuits

These Iraqi dill biscuits significantly exceeded my expectations. We Iraqis love to dunk things.. cookies in tea, bread in soup, cake in coffee… so this savory biscuit delighted us all. Even when fresh out of the oven, the biscuit gives a hint of its toughness. As they cool, they dry into an almost stale consistency, but this is all the better for the dunking! Continue reading “1150. Iraqi Savory Dill Biscuits”

1049. Iraqi Spinach Fatayer

My mother, Allah rest her soul, used to make the most amazing spinach fatayer. What excelled them was the sour factor, combined with a perfect pillowy pastry. As is traditional, the parcels would be triangular in shape. After several trials, I think I have finally found the recipe closest to my memory of hers.   Continue reading “1049. Iraqi Spinach Fatayer”

943. Eid Kaak


Today I am sharing a very traditional family recipe very well guarded and very generously given to me by a dear friend and sister. Every Eid, family friends and neighbors get together to make Um Abdalrahman’s kaak al eid (كعك العيد). I have cut down the original recipe by 90% for this post. The original recipe had 90 eggs and 40 kilos of butter, all kneaded together by loving hands just to give you an idea. I must stress that this kaak was made and designed to be dunked in a steaming isteakan of fragrant karak tea and eaten immediately.

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679. Pretzel Sausage Roll

1Sausages wrapped in soft salty bronzed pretzel bread make for a fun snack or dinner for kids (most adults, too).This is a yeasted dough, so it will require a bit of rest, but other than the waiting, this recipe is pretty easy to make. What gives the pretzel its renown bronze color and taste is the baking soda bath it takes just before baking. The original recipe from DinersDishesAndDesserts made 8 sausage rolls for the amount of dough. I used sausages about the length and width of an average middle finger, and got 16 rolls.
If you have leftover dough, just make regular pretzels!

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