974. Iraqi Date Pickles aka Najafi Pickles


Date pickles, you say? Google date pickles and the vast majority of your findings will be an Indian condiment with an ingredient list of at least ten different spices. However, there is an Iraqi date pickle very famous and loved to its connaisseurs, but so sadly unknown to the world. Continue reading “974. Iraqi Date Pickles aka Najafi Pickles”

949. Iraqi Marinated Olives


A stunning starter, an eye-rolling main dish, and a decadent dessert are all wonderful, but what really makes a meal over-the-top are the small touches. The kind that one’s hand always reaches for while the head is turned away in conversation. Pre-meal nut nibbles. Side-note pickles. Accompanying bowls of caramel sauce. Continue reading “949. Iraqi Marinated Olives”

275. Mixed Pickles

What do you do when you have an abundance of vegetable crop?
Thank God for your blessings.
And then? Make pickles of course!
This is a pickle recipe (طرشي مشكل) I picked up from my dear brother-in-law, who is a fantastic cook.
You can really use anything you happened to have an had: the recipe is very forgiving. Continue reading “275. Mixed Pickles”

274. Iraqi Turnip Beetroot Pickles


Despite the popularity of cucumber pickles in both Iraq and the Arab world in general, this vivid colored turnip-beetroot pickle is a firm staple and favorite in any Iraqi household.
Using pure, wholesome ingredients, without the adulteration of processed additives is the essence of Iraqi cooking. Continue reading “274. Iraqi Turnip Beetroot Pickles”

261. Cucumber Dill Pickles


Pickles have a special place in the hierarchy of Arab food. They are merely accessories to the food, but it’s more complicated than that. We really take pride in our pickles, compare recipes and techniques, make gatherings to pickle together, and share the finished result with friends and family.
So, needless to say, there are several types of pickles, and more than one way to make one type. Continue reading “261. Cucumber Dill Pickles”