1133. Chestnut Dressed Rice

This is a very festive rice that can be the bed for a roast turkey or roast leg of lamb alike. In the West, they serve this rice for their thanksgiving or christmas dinners, but only because chestnuts are winter fruits. When you find them conveniently peeled, boiled, and frozen, there is absolutely no reason to not make it for any festive occasion throughout the year. Continue reading “1133. Chestnut Dressed Rice”

1058. Vine Leaf and Saffron Rice Tart

I never thought about using vine leaves for something other than dolma until quite recently. My, did stepping out of the box pay off! I made the vineleaf koftas, which immediately became a firm family favorite. This vineleaf pie, uses the vineleaves in place of a crust: over and under and completely encosing a flavorful rice filling. Continue reading “1058. Vine Leaf and Saffron Rice Tart”

986. Crusty Pumpkin Rice


In our second round of the MENA Cooking Club Challenge, we arrive to the B in Bahrain. The name of this small Arabian Gulf country literally translates into two seas, which is fitting and a huge clue to the local food. Bahrain is in fact barely a teenage in historical age, and used to be part of the larger Ahsa region before the division by British conquests.

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765. Chestnut Rice


This Chestnut rice is oft served in Turkish homes and is a popular street food in the winter time.
Chestnut, like mushroom, are sort of meaty in and of themselves, so I was quite content to have this beside a salad. It is however traditionally served with some pickles or fermented vegetables to entice the senses between sweet, savory, and sour. Continue reading “765. Chestnut Rice”

759. Pomegranate Seseame Chicken with Ginger Coconut Rice


I was reluctant to try this recipe due to the unusual combo of pomegranate molasses and soy sauce (unusual to me). Try it I did, to great success and pleasure. A wonderful bonus to the recipe is the ginger-coconut rice it gets served on. Continue reading “759. Pomegranate Seseame Chicken with Ginger Coconut Rice”

725. Iraqi Yellow Rice


Rice is a staple in the Iraqi household, and no lunch is complete without it.
Therefore it is of no surprise the sheer creativity and variety Iraqis have created using this grain, from elaborate biryani, parda plau, carrot rice, and broad bean dill rice, to more simple forms like vermicelli rice and lamb fat rice. Continue reading “725. Iraqi Yellow Rice”

630. Brown Rice Lunches

I agree whole-heartedly with the idea of cooking a pot of grains to be consumed throughout the week.
If this is a new concept to you, let me elaborate.
The day before the school or work week begins, you cook a pot of a grain or bean of your choice. This can be lentils, wheatberry, chickpeas, brown rice, or almost anything really.
This pot gets stored in the refrigerator, and throughout the week, you take a portion of it and dress it up in some manner for a lunch or dinner!
Some ideas I have already published, such as chickpea salad, freekeh salad (and another one), and couscous salad, among others.
If you choose to cook a pot of beans, you use them just as you would canned beans.
So just to prove you do not need to constrict yourself to only salads, here are a couple of ideas:
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