1130. Fried Egg and Dukka Bagel

There are two types of dukka: the Palestinian and the Egyptian. I have previously shared the Egyptian one on MCW; it consists of a hazelnut base with a predominance of coriander and cumin seeds. Now the Palestinian dukka, usually a product of Gaza, uses toasted wheatberries as the base, combined with spices similar to those found in zaatar which include sumac and sesame. Continue reading “1130. Fried Egg and Dukka Bagel”

1094. Haloomi Tacos

I was so reluctant to try this dish as I had a nagging feeling that it would be boring and bland, but oh my am I happy I gave it a go (and took the pictures for a maybe-posting!). While it is the delicious squeaky and firm haloomi that is supposed to be the star of the show, it was the charred corn that really made it for me. Continue reading “1094. Haloomi Tacos”

1074. Babybel Grilled Cheese

My mother, Allah bless her soul, would make us weeknight baguette pizzas once in a while when we were kids. This favorite tread led us into experimenting with various cheeses, including emmenthal, mozzarella, square cheese slices, and baby bell. The result with the latter was a definite favorite, that sometimes we would skip the pizza and just have grilled baby bell toast. Continue reading “1074. Babybel Grilled Cheese”

1064. Microwave Egg Bagel

One minute of prep, one more minute of cooking, and you’ve got a hefty, satisfying, and healthy breakfast to go or stay. The bagel, actually, is completely optional. You could forgo it for a carb-free scrambled omelette breakfast that is much friendlier to the figure. The result is surprisingly fluffy and far from the expected rubbery outcome.

Continue reading “1064. Microwave Egg Bagel”

1062. Maryam’s Tacos

I discovered tacos after my mother died. Before that, we would always eat elaborate home cooked meals together, cooked by her, الله يرحمها. After her, we saw a taco package at the store and that’s how we got started. We have been having these tacos for years now, and while they are not totally Mexican-authentic, they definitely are inspired by the Mexican version. This is a very fun and informal meal where each person is encouraged to assemble and customize their own wrap. Continue reading “1062. Maryam’s Tacos”

1061. Fish Burgers

I watched a food show where the chef made these sandwiches in 15 minutes. While I am not a master multitasker, not as perfectly prepared as Jamie, took almost double the time to get it done. What is so special about this recipe is that not only is it healthy, using wholesome and healthy ingredients, but it was also completely delicious. Continue reading “1061. Fish Burgers”

1013. Baked Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches


I recently discovered the most delightful Brazilian blog with so many amazing dishes and beautiful pictures. While I did spend way more time than anticipated pinning left, right, and center, this cheesy bubbly oven baked sandwich casserole stuck in my mind. Layers of cheese, deli turkey breast, and tomato are sandwiched between bread and topped with an unctuous cheesy, mustard-cream sauce.

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975. Grilled Brie Sandwich


If you ever find yourself home alone, you might need to seriously consider making this sandwich during the time your hair oil treatment takes effect. This is a one person sandwich, but if you have someone special you want to share it with, just double the recipe and grill up both sandwiches together in the same pan. Continue reading “975. Grilled Brie Sandwich”