36. Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Tandoori is a famous Indian dish, consisting of chicken marinated in a yogurt-spice mixture.
It is known to be spicy, but this can be moderated according to taste. Originally, the bright red hue would come from the red chili spice, but this is rare outside India, as it takes getting used to and most people are not capable of withstanding such a great force of spicy heat. Continue reading “36. Chicken Tandoori”

29. Cos Salad

Cos salad (need I say is another versatile dish?) can have as many or as little ingredients in it.
It uses cos lettuce, a Mediterranean long lettuce, is distinct for its crunchiness.No quantities are specified in the ingredient list because, really, you can play around to whatever suits your tastes. The dressing is made at the bottom of the bowl, and the lettuce is shredded and piled on top.

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