14. Crystallized Ginger / Candied Ginger



Ginger is a spice that you either love or hate. However, the sheer diversity of its uses in the kitchen are almost endless, and can take up so many different shapes and forms.
Crystallized ginger, or candied ginger according to the Americans, is excellent eaten on its own to freshen your breath, or combat nausea, or simply like candy for pure enjoyment. Continue reading “14. Crystallized Ginger / Candied Ginger”

13. Banoffee, My Way


Banoffee, a name created by the combination of Banana and Toffee, an amazing combination.
It is usually presented in the form of a pie, where the ingredients are layered. On a graham cracker or tea biscuit crumb crust, the dulce leche is spread, on which the banana slices are sprinkled, which is then topped with a rich layer of cream. Continue reading “13. Banoffee, My Way”

11. Peanut Butter and Banana Snack


No recipe today, just a suggestion on one of the many ways yesterday’s loaf may be scrumptiously consumed…!
I lightly toasted a slice of the loaf, generously smeared the surface with peanut butter, topped that with fresh banana slices, and drizzled some honey on top… Continue reading “11. Peanut Butter and Banana Snack”

7. Chicken Profiteroles

Chicken profiteroles sounds, and indeed looks, so poshy-fancy.
But once you have the basics covered, it is simply a matter of assembly.
The French Choux pastry is more known to be used in sweet dishes, such as stuffed with ice cream and topped with a rich chocolate sauce for instance (to be explored in future posts). Continue reading “7. Chicken Profiteroles”